Putting the hospitality of Niigata into consistency Putting the hospitality of Niigata into consistency

Marui's Recommendations

  • Kiwami


    4,400yen …per person

    10 pieces of top-quality sushi with toro, uni (sea urchin), and ikura (salmon roe). Enjoy Marui's signature tamagoyaki (omelette) alongside. (Menu subject to change without notice based on seasonal and stock availability)

  • Echigo's Treat

    Echigo no chisou

    7,700yen …per person

    Luxurious kaiseki cuisine that allows you to taste the best of Niigata and the local cuisine of Furumachi, the town of willows. The menu is suitable for entertaining guests from outside the prefecture and includes such specialties as deep-fried Nanban shrimp cakes, noppe (traditional stew), and grilled blackthroat seaperch in Wakasa style.

  • Assorted Sashimi

    Assorted Sashimi

    3,300yen …per person

    A delightful platter featuring fresh local fish landed at Niigata fishing port earlier on the day. We are proud to hear “When you think of Sashimi, you think of Marui”, since our establishment. Treat yourself to our super-fresh local fish in season.

  • Special Marui Course

    Special Marui Course

    6,050yen …per person

    Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine (traditional Japanese multiple course meal) using carefully selected local ingredients as well as local fish. Enjoy a world of harmony and deliciousness created by our expert Japanese chefs and sushi chefs.

  • We also offer seasonal specialties


  • Seasonal Hanayaka Special Set

    Hanayaka Special Set

    3,300yen …per person

    A small kaiseki meal available only for lunch. It caters to various occasions and you will find the season of Niigata in it. After-meal dessert and beverage included.

  • Echigosushi-don


    1,800yen …per person

    A great deal seafood rice bowl available only for lunch. The toppings vary depending on the catch of the day. Experience the freshest local fish of Niigata. You can enjoy it in various ways by changing the flavor with special fish sauce.

  • Nodoguro Aburi-don

    Nodoguro Aburi-don

    2,200yen …per person

    By searing the skin of Nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch), the sealed in tasty fat will melt in your mouth. We recommend pairing it with Niigata Sanpoku seaweed salt and a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing taste.

  • Tsuki-gawari Set

    Tsuki-gawari Set

    1,980yen …per person

    The lavish contents allow you to discover the delights of Niigata that change according to the season.

  • Nigiri Tempura Set

    Nigiri Tempura Set


    This set includes sushi and seasonal local vegetable tempura. The contents of the set may change depending on availability.

  • Nigiri Lunch

    Nigiri Lunch


    Marui's signature sushi is offered at a special lunch price. In addition to the freshest local fish, you can also enjoy other authentic sushi including “shime-mono” (vinegared fish), which showcases the skills of our chefs, at a reasonable price.

  • ・kids meal


    Lunch sets change daily. Please look forward to seeing what dishes you will be served!


  • ・Itamae Omakase Course(reservation required)

    8,800yen …per person

  • ・Family special kaiseki (for two persons)(reservation required,
    limited number available)

    4,950yen …per person

  • ・Family special Kaiseki (for two persons)(with sashimi platter, reservation required,
    limited number available)

    7,150yen …per person

  • ・Children's Kaiseki(reservations required)

    3,300yen …per person

Children's Kaiseki

Children's Kaiseki


  • Niigata's famous nodoguro grilled fish

    Niigata's famous
    "nodoguro" grilled fish

    Market price

    Nodoguro, a specialty of Niigata, grilled in a whole shape. Enjoy this masterpiece which uses salt from “Sasagawa-nagare” of Niigata to lock in the overflowing flavor.

  • Deep-fried Nanban Shrimp

    Deep-fried Nanban Shrimp


    A traditional dish of the willow town of Furumachi. Enjoy the fluffy and unique texture of "Ebi-shin" in Furumachi, which still retains the atmosphere of a geisha district.

  • Crab Cream Croquette

    Crab Cream Croquettes


    A simple, old-fashioned flavor made from scratch by our chefs. The rich yet light taste has been loved by our regular customers for many years.

  • ・Echigo Zuwai Crab

    Market price (winter only)

  • ・Natural Oysters from Sampoku

    Market price (summer only)

  • ・Niigata Wagyu Beef

    3,300 yen and up
    (depending on cooking method)

  • ・Marui's Signature Omelet

    440 yen or 2,500 yen for take-out


A wide selection of
Niigata's local sake
is available.

Recommended Brands

  • ・Kirinzan

    A sake from Tsugawa, near the border with Fukushima. This local sake is No1. favorite of Niigata's dads. You can enjoy the clean and refreshing taste that is typical of Niigata.

  • ・Kakurei

    This sake is from snowy Shiozawa. The brewing water, drawn from a private well 80 meters underground, is super soft. It brings out the flavor and aroma of the sake rice in this sake that you will never get tired of drinking.

  • ・Hokusetsu

    This sake grew up listening to the sounds of the sea by Akadomari, Sado. How can such sake go wrong with local fish? Although it is dry, once you taste it, you will feel the smooth texture.

  • ・Asahiyama

    Asahiyama is from a long-established company that makes not only the prestigious sake brand "Kubota" but also "Senshin" and "Tokugetsu" and other famous sakes with their insatiable dedication to sake. ”Koyu" in particular is a limited edition sake that few stores carry. It's a must-try!

  • ・Hakkaisan

    Niigata's leading sake brewery. It has a textbook taste, with a mellow flavor. Even those who are not fans of sake can easily enjoy this “clean” sake.

  • ・Shime

    Sake from Murakami City, located in the north of Niigata. It is brewed with the riverbed water of Miomote River, where salmon swimming up the stream, is "light" but "well-rounded" in the Niigata style. Sake carefully brewed with Niigata-grown sake rice has become a staple sake for fathers in Niigata.

We always have more than 10 kinds of local sake on hand.

We also offer a variety of seasonal and regional brand sakes. Please contact us for details.

*Images are for reference only. Menu subject to change depending on availability.


As the restaurant may be crowded, reservations are recommended on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.


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